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Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park reopen on June 29th!  

By becoming an RZSS member, you are helping to care for our animals. Our charity’s animal food costs alone are more than £55,000 every month. You are also saving animals in the wild by supporting our many conservation projects here in Scotland and around the world.

Upon joining you will receive a confirmation email with details of your membership.

You can use this email to gain free entry to Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park and any of our reciprocal zoos.

Please note all visitors must book in advance from June 29th onwards.  This includes members who must book their free ticket for either Highland Wildlife Park or Edinburgh Zoo in a dedicated timeslot and bring proof of membership.  More details can be found at on the respective information reopening pages:

Highland Wildlife Park

Edinburgh Zoo

We hope to see you soon!

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Funds equipment for our work with macaques in Morocco
Feeds a snow monkey at the Highland Wildlife Park for a week
Heats the rhino pool for a week
Heats the koala house for a day in winter
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